Redcon Hack Cheats

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Redcon Cheats Features

  • Unlimited free Credits
  • Unlock all Stages
  • Get all Weapons
  • God Mode
  • AntiBan and Proxy Tools


Redcon Cheats Instructions

These are short instructions for use of our Redcon Cheats Tool. First you must close all open apps on you mobile device. Now go to our site and press the Online Hack button. Now you need to enter your username or email. In this step you must select how much free Credits in Redcon you want to generate and if you want to activate the ability to Unlock all Stages and Weapons. You might need to prove that you are human by selecting one of the provided options. In the end share this site to make sure it will work. Have fun with our Redcon Cheats!


Redcon Review and Guide

RedconIconREDCON is an amazing strategy game that anyone can get into and enjoy. The game features an amazing concept that is really unique to the phone platform. Each mission in the game is very detailed and features a variety of different concepts that you must utilize in order to complete the mission. I think this game has a lot to offer as it has many different variables and things going on to keep the players interested in Redcon. The gameplay is easy enough for beginners to be able to pick up and enjoy, but steadily gets difficult enough that it really requires you to have a deep understanding of how the game and its mechanics work. Use credits to get new waepons. The game forces the player to be able to micromanage an army of troops all the while defending their base and aiming where their rockets should be launched at. The free version of this game does have about 20 missions all of which are completely free and feature great gameplay in Redcon. Use our Redcon Hack to make the game easier. There are a variety of different weapons and tactics in Redcon that you will have to utilize in order to successfully take over the rebel forces and stop them from causing even more chaos during 2016. Not only that, but you will also have to micro manage your troops inside of your base and make sure they are all being productive and making the necessary repairs to your base or using the correct resources. I think the gameplay in Redcon is absolutely amazing. It is completely smooth and flawless in the way that it plays. The gameplay hooks you in with a combination of story, art, and music as you unlock Stages. The game has an amazing idea which is why I think I love it so much. It is very much addicting as you want to continue along with the story and see what is coming up next.